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What makes your job work for you?

Please take ten minutes to share the view from where you are.


Thank you so much :)

Love my Job is a careers information initiative for students at a South London Secondary School. 


We'd love to hear briefly about your job, why it's a good fit for you, and how you got there.

It's a short questionnaire - ten mins, a quick selfie - and that's it!

Any legal, living-waged job is of interest.  The main thing is what do you like about it, what makes it a good fit for you?  

So far about 60 people from all walks of life have joined in - with your support we're aiming for twice that!

Lov My Job profiles

If the form isn't showing properly, refresh the page. That usually does it.

Your information will not be used or published in any way other than described here without your consent.


Thank you so much for helping with this project. We'll let you know how it goes.


Lorna Mills

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